The Formula

directed by Emmanuel Adjei is a story of, Zillah and Azar who despite of their differences fall in love, the beauty of their relationship longs for a child. When the unborn daughter dies, their love is put on trial. We have shot ‚The Formula’ in Poland and Slovakia with an international crew. Paul Ozgur was responsible of cinematography.


directed by Mateusz Rakowicz, is a story of Stanislaw who takes his beloved Zosia on a mysterious and romantic journey. He wants to propose to her in the city of love... That's how the movie starts. Here you can see some stills form the beginning. The movie was a polish-french cooproduction. The whole shoot has taken place in Paris.

The Last Waltz

directed by Mathew Kawalski takes place on July 1914, Vienna. In a black comedy manner 'The Last Waltz' tells a story of a cunning businessman who manage to swap a fleet of ruined merchant ships for a warehouse full of canned food, only to find out they are rotten. All 10 million of them.

Katia is late for her own Party. With a superficial smile on his lips, she prepares to enter the party like a movie star who is right about to walk on the red carpet and has to shine like a star. Katia is a real hipster girl. She represents the attitude of the younger generation: she lives together with her girlfriend, whom she does not really like, and she is dating a guy because he is the most popular and best looking. The party is nothing special, everything seems familiar and dull until Kuba



Several years have passed since Anita left home. Mark runs what is left of a used car lot, which he inherited when his father left home. Anita appears out of the blue in her brother’s workplace, but it is not an ordinary family visit. She came back to get her share of...


directed by Paweł Maślona is the story of Janusz, the salesman in furniture store. One day he accidentally tears a pillow – it’s the first accident in company since a long time. It looks like Janusz gets very stressed about it. Or maybe something else is bothering his mind?