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Silver Framee is a production company founded by Stanisław Zaborowski and Daria Maślona in 2014 in Poland. It specializes in feature films, both fiction and documentary, as well as television productions. It carries out national and international productions. Among Silver Frame’s main projects are: Polish national film academy nominated „Escape to the Silver Globe” (2021) by Kuba Mikurda, „Only the Wind" (2021) by Oscar short listed Zofia Kowalewska, „Occupation 1968” (2018) in co-production with Filip Remunda and Peter Kerekesh and "Stalin's Executioners: The Katyn Massacre" for Arte  Chanel by Cédric Tourbeby. Silver Frame works with the best young directors and cinematographers from all over the world. The company's credo is to look for stories and ideas that tell the dreams and life stories of ordinary people in a very universal way. Cooperation with foreign partners is one of the company's priorities. Silver Frame is interested in new projects and cooperations, so we always consider being participants in interesting productions as a polish co-producer or a polish executive producer




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