"Escape to the Silver Globe" is a documentary film project trying to unravel one of the biggest mysteries of Polish cinematography. It is a story about the never finish first Polish science-fiction super production: "On the Silver Globe," dir. Andrzej Żuławski. The production has no equal for those times, not only for financial reasons, but also for excellent casting and location. 
The reasons for interrupting production have not been fully explained. The remaining legend and cult, unfinished picture, which is still inspired by filmmakers from different parts of the world



"Czyżyk” is the story of an exceptional journey of 90-year-old Zdzisław, who traveled from Crakow to the steppe of Kazakhstan, in search of a women - the first love he had to leave there 70 years ago. Zdzisław is a part of a group of over 300,000 people who were forcibly deported during the II World War in order to work in Siberia. What makes Zdzisław different form the other few Siberian living exiles, is the fact that he decides to go back to the place of deportation, which is strongly associated with the traumatic memories from the past. For Zdzisław, Kazakhstan is a place where he experienced a severe trauma, but at the same time it’s a place of his youthful years, when he felt in love for the first time in his live and started some meaningful friendships.


Documentary project about August 1968 is a collective subjective look on the soldiers of “friendly” armies and their thoughts and impressions about Czechoslovak occupation and their tasks within it. 
Five countries of Warsaw Pact occupied Czechoslovakia in 1968. 50 years after, 5 directors from these 5 countries are going to shoot 5 short films about invasion from the point of view of people, who took part as occupants.

Stalin and the Katyn Massacre

This film tells for the first time the story of the Katyn massacre seen from both sides: That of the victims and that of the perpetrators. It reveals how this crime, attributed to the Nazis for 50 years, was in fact carried out by the Soviet secret police, the NKVD...

In 1940 the Soviet Union ordered the execution of 22,000 Polish prisoners of war, 4,500 of whom were murdered in the Katyn forest in Russia. In a remarkably detailed documentary, Cedric Tourbe brings to light how this crime against humanity occurred and sheds light on the paranoid and ruthless inner workings of the Soviet state.



Iwona Blecharczyk is an energetic, young, fragile blond girl, who, not so long ago, took part in beauty contests and planned on becoming an English teacher. Her well-ordered life changed due to an unfulfilled love. They say that “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. That is how Iwona decided to reach one of her biggest dream and became the Trucking Girl.

For some years now, she has been working as a truck driver for a Belgian trucking company. Each day she drives thousands of kilometers, passing other people and other towns. Her life is a constant journey. 

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